How To

A Guide for Mulching

  • Measure the areas you want to cover with a tape measure. Enter the numbers in our product volume calculator located on our left-hand menu to determine the number of cubic yards of material you will need.
  • Edge the borders of your beds or trees so that the grass and weeds won’t creep in, and weed the beds to be mulched. Do not cover up weeds with mulch as they will eventually grow up through the mulch.
  • If the beds have no existing mulch, then apply 4 inches of new mulch. If they have existing mulch, then top up the area with at least 2 inches of new mulch.
  • If the beds are in an open area subject to heavy wind, it may be advisable to water the newly applied mulch to help it bond together.
  • As mulch decomposes, it is good to turn it over or rake it lightly to freshen up its appearance.
  • It is a good idea to leave a small space between the mulch and tree trunks to allow the trees to breathe.